Founded in 2013 by father and son duo Mehran and Sam Mansouri, BÖ by MANSOURI is a collection of handcrafted wooden bow ties for today’s style aficionado. Forged by a genuine passion for innovative design, the two founders combined their shared respect for sustainable practices with Mehran’s background in architecture to create a modern interpretation of the classic fabric bow tie. Each BÖ is made up of reclaimed and freed raw materials and handcrafted in Vancouver, BC (Canada).



Photo by: Fernando Cysneiros, co Vancouver Fashion Week



BÖ by MANSOURI’s main design philosophy is to create a distinct expression of style out of sustainable materials. Our BÖ ties take a refreshing twist on the conventional menswear accessory using an unconventional material: wood.


Sustainable Materials | We source our wood from end-mills (cut-offs) of wood processing facilities across North America. By using these end-mills we reclaim the wood into new consumer products while avoiding the disposal of reusable materials, which often contribute to pollution along the way.


In addition to reclaimed wood we use soft leather offcuts, which are cut into uniform strips to create the BÖ tie neck straps. Artisanal paper twine from Austria, naturally dyed to ten different gorgeous shades, adds color to the center tie.These three raw materials, sourced ethically, form the perfect marriage for the collection.


Design Process | Our designs are inspired by everyday observations of our natural environment, such as the visual appeal of stars in the sky, which are then applied to the aesthetic build of a traditional bow tie.


From the initial concept, the BÖ ties are developed through trial of multiple prototypes and design adaptations, handcrafted and adjusted piece by piece to completion. We work diligently to keep the classic bow tie shape while creating a clean, contemporary look. Comfort is key and we’re proud to say we’ve designed a nearly weightless wooden tie - around 25g.


Ethical and Sustainable Practices | Along with using sustainable materials, BÖ by MANSOURI was formed with the idea to promote fair labor conditions and increase the manufacturing of goods in North America. We love what we do and are proud to say that all of our products are handcrafted in Canada and will always remain that way.