How are BÖ ties made?

All of our products are handcrafted in our Vancouver facility, using end-mill pieces sourced from wood processing facilities across North America.


Are BÖ ties environmentally friendly?

Our goal is to create a brand that is fun and fashionable while being environmentally conscious. All of our bow ties are made from salvaged materials, most of which were destined for disposal. Our ties are finished by hand, and we use only natural stains and varnishes.


What types of wood do you use?

Our Spring 2014 line is made from North American walnut (dark versions) and maple (light versions).


What about the straps and threads?

Our straps are made from supple Israeli leather, again using end-cut pieces. The center thread detail uses Austrian paper twine. We use no artificial dyes or finishes.


How much does each BÖ tie weigh?

Usually between 25-35g depending on the style.


Are the BÖ ties made for all neck sizes?

Our adjustable leather straps allow a fit for neck sizes 13''-22.5''.


Do the BÖ ties come with a box?

Yes, every unit ordered will come in our beautiful boxes making it the perfect gift with no effort.


Is every BÖ tie going to look the same in each style?

No, due to the nature of wood being a natural raw material, each BÖ tie has unique characters and lines depending on which section of wood it was created from. Therefore, no 2 BÖ ties will look identically the same, and its unique veins and lines will make it absolutely one of a kind.


Are BÖ ties sold wholesale?

Yes! :) please email wholesale inquiries to sam@getyourbo.com


Where can we contact BÖ for media/press?

Please send any inquiries to connect@getyourbo.com 


What shipping methods do you use?

Shipping information can be found on our Shipping & Returns page.


What is your return policy?

Information regarding returns and exchanges can be found on our Shipping & Returns page. 


Do you offer any kind of warranty?

We certainly do! For more information visit our Warranty page.